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Free Burma Rally
Date: October 3 2007
Location: Parliament House

News: On October 3, some 150 people gathered on the steps of Parliament House in Adelaide and the same day, 120 people marched in Cairns. The Burmese community in Sydney are holding protests every Thursday and on October 4, some 175 people rallied, calling on the Australian government to stop doing business with the ruling military regime. The Australian Coalition for Democracy in Burma (ACDB) also wants the Howard government to extend the visa ban on the military regime to include their relatives and business partners; to downgrade the full embassy status of the Burmese regime in Canberra; and to withdraw Australian Federal Police training of Burmese police. To contact the ACDB, phone Maung Maung Than on 0411 337 816.

This is the recent history of events organised around Australia to show support for the people of Burma. The world is outraged at the military crackdown on the peaceful protesters and monks in Burma so if you know of any other events not listed here, please email us.

Free Burma Campaign for Australia. Australia supports democracy in Myanmar

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Australia continues to support the people of Burma



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